Mercedes-Benz W212

Mercedes-Benz W212

Mercedes-Benz W212, revamped in 2013, exhibits a modernized appearance with redesigned front and rear elements. This E-Class variant marks a departure from its traditional styling cues, integrating a unified front optics design and a prominent three-pointed star emblem on the grille.

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Mercedes-Benz W212, introduced in 2013, underwent a substantial facelift, featuring a modernized exterior with updated front and rear designs. This E-Class model heralded a departure from traditional split optics to a unified front look, coupled with enhancements to the hood and bumper designs. The introduction of the emblematic three-pointed star on the grille in the Elegance trim marked a notable shift in its visual identity.

  1. In 2013, the Mercedes-Benz W212 underwent a facelift, adopting a more modern and sporty appearance.
  2. The front of the car received a completely new look with unified front optics, a departure from the split optics tradition since 1995, and updated hood and front bumper designs.
  3. The emblem in the form of the signature three-pointed star was introduced on the grille for the first time in the E-Class (in the Elegance trim).
  4. Updates were made to the rear of the vehicle, including changes to the lights and bumper.
  5. The engine lineup underwent modifications, and in June 2013, the E63 AMG estate model was launched.

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